It was a 2 hour, Professor Don Micksa extravaganza tonight as the good professor discussed 11 year old Tyler Wilson with Phil, the boy who got beat up by bullies at school because he wants to be a cheerleader. Don told Phil that of course he would support any child in their endeavors but why don’t kids consider the consequences of their actions. Boy cheerleaders are in the unfortunate situation of being able to degrade women. “You through a female cheerleader up in the air and she lands on your finger,” said Don. And, of course, the parents of boy cheerleaders are not immune. As one caller put it “I’m sorry you live in a town where you run the risk of being hit with rotten fruit from a passing car.”

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    Go Phil, sounds like your doing better with the show than weeks past. Hope you start gettin better news stories the way you like. I interviewed for a radio sales gig on one of your FM affillates here in Nashville and I would go beserkers to sell your show

    Kick ass

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    Interesting reflection on WWII veterans, Phil. My (crazy) uncle was drafted straight outta high school (right after a bout with mono, no less). He was really argumentative, though, uh, but maybe he was more rosy in his youth. He never obtained the American Dream, though, so that didn't help.

    Anyhoo, the best Dracula IMHO is Jack Palance, 1974. Hate stupid Twilight. Grrrrrrrrr. Did love Suspiria, as well. LOVE me some messed up Argento.

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    You "through"? Jeez, professor.

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