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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Hour One:

Jeff Dowder's "What Would Jesus Do?" This week: What would Jesus do if he had to pay 40 bucks for a tank of gas.....Phil promotes his Dennis Miller appearance.....Phil tells fast lane ass-draggers that in Mexico they'd be shot..... Katie Couric in a feature called "Katie Couric in London listening to the Royal Family Babbling" The Royal Family is repeatedly attacked by surface to surface missiles but they keep talking........Phil suggests the time has come to give Paris Hilton a news show....The Comb-Over Boy Show. Today's topic: How to keep your Korean Boy in a semi-vegetative state while you have your way with him......

Hour Two: Margaret Grey talks about her son Jason Jay Delmonico, a boy she and Frank adopted, and now he is in a movie. She's proud because when you adopt a kid, according to Margaret, its like picking a perfectly good bologna sandwich out of a garbage pail......

Hour Three

Bud tries to tell Phil there is something hanging out of his nose....Bob Bakian does some stupid shtick while reporting on a new Florida law. David G. Hall shoots Bob's helicopter out of the sky with instructions to Phil not to let news, weather or traffic people do anymore shtick....Phil visits a San Quentin Death Row site and gives his listeners the heads up on who needs a pen pal....Officer Slauson of the US Border Patrol talks about stopping a family of illegal aliens trying to get into the US in a bowl of Wendy's chili...Phil talks about the Brandon Hein case, a kid who got life without parole in the Golden State of California for basically doing nothing more than standing on a guys driveway......Hal and Viola Lavaliere call and talk with Phil while flying to Paris. They see what they think is the Eiffel Tower but its actually an oil platform in Signal Hill, Ca., so apparently they were flying in circles.....


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