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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

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Hour 1:

Grocery Store CEO Bob Greene joins the program to talk about employee reviews. In this particular review Bob posted a notice in his employee lunch room that says "Sexual Addiction? We Can Help" with a number that went to a direct line in Bob's office. Bob says this is the most efficient way to weed out "perverts" from his store that are a risk to fellow employees and customers.

Hour 2:

Gay Journalist Doug Danger wrote an article in his column which stated that NBC must hire an African American female to replace Katie Couric on The Today Show. Doug says it's significant that he didn't receive a single e-mail that questioning or criticizing what he was saying.

Hour 3:

A homeless man named Christian tells Phil his material is off tonight, David G. Hall agrees. RC Collins will be watching "Teachers" tonight, and says that Sarah Shahi is too hot to be a terrorist. Margaret Gray found a website with a black actresses called Herb Sewell is having a "Teachers" viewing party. Phil talks about David Lee Roth and reads some e-mail


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