Hour 1:

Rev. Jim Polly of “Romantic Ministries” is against homosexuality and has stated that the best way to convert the homosexuals is to go right into their bedrooms. Just because a person is a sexual deviant doesn’t mean they’re lost and he will do anything it takes to convert them, even if it’s a sex act.

Hour 2:

Justin McElroy is planning a student walkout at his school on March 10th… if George W. Bush does not immediately withdraw troops from Iraq then the students will strike. Justin expects 100% participation from students whether or not they believe in the cause.

Hour 3:

Steve Bosell is suing Herbal Essence Shampoo because he says the commercials that show a woman moaning pleasurably as she shampoos with the product send the message that women don’t need men “just a locked door and en electric toothbrush.”

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