Tonight RC Collins hosted a BSP-A-Thon, bringing on guests Margaret Grey, Harvey Weirman, Herb Sewell, Vernon Dozier, Pastor William Rennick, Lloyd Bonafide, Justin MdcElroy, David G. Hall and his in studio co-host Cadet Watson.

We found out about the multiple drug addictions his mother has, the deep pockets of his father and how Bradley Military Academy is taking advantage of them, Watsons criminal past and many other heretofore unexplored areas of RC’s life.

Margaret Grey came back to take another run at “You Only Live Twice” with the same disastrous results. Lloyd Bonafide tried it and it blew chim-PON-zee as well. Harvey Weirman read the cadets the riot act while Herb Sewell couldn’t get through to them at all. Vernon Dozier took exception to them mocking “Wee Willie” Keeler and Pastor Rennick defined what a “wog”, a “chog” and a “chawog” was. Justin McElroy trfied to talk baseball with them but they didn’t get that either and David G. Hall tried to keep the whole thing on the rails. Meanwhile, Cadet Watson hinted at a history of abusing animals and sex with his aunt.

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Great show! Lots of great guests! Love it!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Wow R.C. and Watson were almost as good as Rudy, lalala that means thank you!!

  • Avatar
    Herb Sewell

    dear Phil,, thanks for looking into my show probs,, your amazing to take the time to help me….. thanks a million for what you do……… Herb aka “Doc”

  • Avatar
    Ben Stubbs

    Ha ha , freakin’ Watson comes in with a deep voice and all! Loving it! Thank you Phil!

  • Avatar

    Holy hell this was a great show. “Only the finest lubes were used.”

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