Tonight Don Berman called night racing from Dickman Downs with the last race one he bet for a little crippled boy in a hospital. Guess what? Don’s horse “was wiping up the rear” and Don was screaming for the animal to be shot at the end of the race…

Doug Dannger joined the show to talk about “spoilers” and how sometimes the cat is let out of the bag about a particular movie. Sometimes the consequences are far reaching. In the case of “The Crying Game” letting everyone know a guy in a dress seduced an IRA member pretty much spelled the end of that organization…

Karen Deaville and her family checked in to lay the praise on Phil and have her bother-in-law Jerry tell Phil about his dream of, like the kid in ‘Footloose,” leaving the farm and being a dancer. It was a dream that got derailed when his grandfather walked in on him in the barn practicing a step called “The New York Minute.” His grandfather’s last words were “you and your homosexual lifestyle” before he tripped on a spreader and layed out facedown on the barn floor dead. Jerry, not knowing the old man had expired and thinking he was fooling around, kept on dancing for another 3 minutes before he realized what had happened, the dumb ass.

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    Don Sloan

    Hour 3 — classic Jay Santos. I sorta enjoyed the horse race bits, with Don Berman losing it when his horse lost making him a LOSER!!

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    Trent Schulze

    About the only good bit on the show was with Doug Dannger. The horse race stuff was just lame, and dumb. Just get back to having real people calling in and arguing with your characters. Your show hasn’t been nearly as funny since you stopped doing it. Also, Margaret sucks.

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