Hour 1

Phil is on reporting from San Diego, while attending a Special Education Miniature Golf Tournament. Phil get’s kicked in the nuts. Phil talks about his vacation in New York and how he saw a lot of plays, he thinks it is a great city to live in because there are no race riots. David G. Hall comes on in the middle of Phil talking and ask Phil if he is going to be updating the listeners all night about New York. Pastor William Rennick comes on to share his great idea. He has decided to raise money at the race track for his youth center.

Hour 2

Rudy Canosa joins Phil to talk about his gas station. He decided to do a promotion with Skippy and Frank. He is giving free gas to women who flash against the service window. Listeners complain because they say his promotion is based on sex. Phil reads an e-mail from April in Salt Lake City. Frank Gray comes on to talk to Phil about his New York trip. Frank suffers from gender confusion.

Hour 3

Frank Gray is on and beats up Margaret Gray his wife. Phil reads a few of the funniest lines from past shows submitted by listeners via backstage pass e-mail. Phil reads a hate letter about his blog, and Bud decides to be funny and plays “Just the Way You Are”. Phil talks about the book he read about Alexander Hamilton’s biography. Phil paid his respects while in New York. Vernon Dozier joins Phil to talk about his football team. He wants to name the team “The Jihadists.” Phil talks about catholic schools and finishes the hour talking about the Top 5 funniest shows on television.

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    I would love to hear a follow up to the golf tournament for special kids. I was in bed listening and woke my kids up laughing. Phil, you’re the best!

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    Hey there again Phil, has Herb Sewell been released from that Mexican prison following that mix-up with the school for boy’s mentoring program? 🙂 Would love to here his side of the story… (falsely accused, I’m sure….)

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    Hey Phil, #446 had me laughin’ about non-stop. You rock man. Keep up the great work! Peace……. 🙂

  • John Barr
    John Barr

    i wish i could listen to whole shows without having to restart after each hour.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      I apologize for that John. The shows cover a large period of time during which they were uploaded differently. Some are 3 hour blocks, others by single hour. Believe it or not we’ve had requests for both types of downloads

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