Hour 1:

Phil has Tonga River Fever…shock and amazement goes over the air as Phil’s voice has changed to that of a woman. Jeff Dowder comes on and decides to sing a song called “Good Bye Gaza Strip.” Bill Clendenon who is a radio consultant comes on to talk to Phil. Phil has a problem, he can’t understand anything he says. Margaret Gray calls in tell Phil she is celebrating Sean Penn’s Birthday. Phil sends him a present…that explodes. Bob Greene tells Phil he asked his employees to pick up produce on the way into work to save on gas used by big trucks. Bob thinks they should do it and reminds them where they would be without him…in the fields. David G. Hall interrupts Phil and tell’s him not to use the words “dictate” and “Stuck It In”.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell of Ted’s of Beverly Hills joins Phil and talks about how his sons teacher talked to him rudely. As time goes on Ted tell’s Phil that all he wanted was for his son to tip his teacher $100 so he could get a better grade. Listeners call in saying he handled it inappropriately and that it was not a representation of Father and Son bonding…and maybe he should think about home schooling and stop being so materialistic.

Hour 3:

Lloyd Bonafide is on to talk about taking his grandson to see March of the Penguins. He said there were stupid kids their distracting and talking throughout the movie. Callers think he is acting like a disgruntled old man and that his grandson behaves better than him. R.C. Collins comes on to explain to Phil and the listeners that Katherine Harris has a nice pair. He decides to explain Straight Out of Chatsworth. R.C. used to be goth…Phil closes the show with his view of March of the Penguins and the Origins of Man.

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    Mark Dobos

    Yet another Ted Bell homerun who seems to be an inexhaustible character…”Good Luck Ted! Thanx a lot Phil (Ha! Ha! Ha!).”

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    Solid fucking show, love it!

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