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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From Rio, a final report from Coach Vernon Dozier whose friend in the Brazilian Federal Police tells him that Ryan Lochte did Brazil a favor by taking media attention away from its rotten police and crime soaked cities. Also, Margaret Grey reports on the fire tankers and Hearst Castle and then sings ‘Wayward Wind.’

The BSP Classic Show includes Steve Bosell, who at one time sexually assaulted a guy at a party because all the women were taken and Steve and him were the last people left. Brad Rifkin has written a book called ‘You’ve Got To See It To Believe It,’ making fun of casual gym users who fail to get fit.

Episode 968 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I need to compile a list of all of Brad Rifkin’s books, potential TV pilots, advertising slogans and movie ideas. Still nothing beats his “Pitfall” TV show idea, though.

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    This would appear to be a first. Nothing posted at all, not even a re-run. I’ll survive!

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    jason bell

    It’s Wednesday. So, uh, about this thing. This thing is still a thing right? Seems like we’re running on fumes here.

  • Allen Grooms
    Allen Grooms

    You got tagged by The Dutchman twice!

  • TwiceRemoved77

    a couple Friday’s ago on the chat, Phil mentioned he gotta take one day off a week. He said it was going to be Wednesday. Then a Tuesday, then last week’s break, then today.

  • David

    Number 9

  • Avatar

    again ???

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph

    Re-run? Did Phil “order another piece of equipment from Texas”?

  • Avatar

    One has to really review the many mistakes on this show…No picture today…Me thinks the great Phil, and he is great, account for many missteps. I think we will just grin and bear it.

  • Nicholas

    Note to bsp. encore

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