Mr. Don Parsley, author of “A Mother’s Sin, A Son’s Regret, Hating Your Mother” joined Phil to talk about his self-published book and what inspired it. Parsely claims that he was going to invest in a Savannah bed and breakfast with some other gentlemen but when they called one of Parsley’s personal references, his mother Maureen Parsley, she told them about Don’s time on a “work farm in Wyoming for posssession with intent to sell of a controlled substance, marijuana” and his early release for good behavior. She thought she was doing Don a favor. But as Don tells it, that ended the deal. “She couldn’t keep her buffet-hole shut,” said Don.

Later, Dr. Ron Tarner talked with Phil and his audience about Ron’s 13 year old son Dennis, soon to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world even though the boy has no sailing experience. That doesn’t matter, says Dr. Tarner. The boy will learn and be successful thus pushing the name Tarner ahead of Stephen Hawking’s in the world of science and discovery. “Hawking just signed an endorsement deal with Hoveraround but this will top that”

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    re: that flag numbnut

    If he wants to fly his Don't Tread On Me flag maybe he shouldn't live in a home that is under a Home Owner's Association! Whenever you live someplace under an HOA you will run into limitations. DUH!

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