Larry Grover of Conservatives of Kern County is interviewed by Phil and he talks about his reality show pilot “Living in Obama’s America” that got turned down by two networks because, in Larry’s view, the media is the the tank for Obama. But he goes one better. He says the CONSERVATIVE media is in the tank for Obama too citing “intel” that tells him Sean Hannity is getting “coolers full of organic steaks from the White House under the cover of night” and that no doubt “Bill O’Reilly being on vacation during this mosque controversy” has Obama’s fingerprints on it too.

Next hour its Professor Emory Clayton talking about his support for the Ground Zero mosque and his hope that “these foriegn-born Muslims have the guts and the stamina” to stand up to the alleged racists that will try and shut them down. Professor Clayton says the opposition will come in the form of harrassment by teen-age kids in the neighborhood  “playing ding-dong ditch, lighting bags of dog doo on fire and leaving them on the welcome mat. If the bothers are in prayer, they’ll come to the door barefoot, see the bag and stamp it out with thier barefeet. Oh Ha Ha. Very funny.”

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