Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hour 1: RERUN of 2002-08-20 hour three. Pre-Ambert Alert.

Hour 2: RERUN of 1st half of 2002-08-13 hour three (BVI Elvis wigs) & 2nd half of 2002-01-09 hour one (CNO Problems that men have).

Hour 3: RERUN of 2003-07-24 hour one. Kobe Bryant and pushy women.

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    B L Owjabba

    Character Margaret Grey believes there should be a “Pre-Amber Alert” for gifted children such as her son Jason. I did not hear Bobby Dooley in this bit.

  • Danny Shipley
    Danny Shipley

    Bobbie Dooley explains her idea of supplementing the Amber Alert, in which special children (including her own) would be guarded by armed soldiers, much the same way America defends its nuclear reactors against foreign threats. Listen to Mrs. Dooley defend her reasoning for why certain children are more deserving of protection than others (hint: it involves the Moon colliding with Earth.)

    Then, a flashback covering Brad Rivkind’s business of contacting the dead… to gain access to bank account and pin numbers off deceased spouses for the newly married wives. For a nominal fee.

    Later, an entrepreneur asks for hand-outs to start up his business selling Elvis wigs. People donate money to 9/11 victims all the time, why shouldn’t they help out an aspiring entrepreneur? Brass figures he is owed money for the racism he has endured for being Mexican. Don’t dwell too long on the fact that the wigs are red.

    Chris Norton explains the woes of having a large member. He is tired of just being a sexual object to women. Chris has to deal with women constantly breaking eye contact towards his upper thigh, people wanting to slow dance with him, and almost passing out from a massive shift in blood pressure when aroused. Unfortunately, there is only one way for Phil to substantiate these claims…

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