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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

It’s an encore show from August 2017 which happened to be an encore of the Elcott: The Next Step show. In it, Dr Elcott deals with an “arbuckle,” a mischievous entity, who’s disguised as a guy doing studio maintenance.

The BSP Classic Show is from June 2001. Bobbie Dooley was going into people’s homes for security checks at night to prevent child abductions. Dean Wheeler on Terry Barton who started a wildfire.

Episode 1233 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Don MacDonald

    Love me some Elcott! Only someone indoctrinated in Catholicism could conjure up something so bizarre yet eerily similar in Elcott the Next Step. I myself had experiences with more than one nun who doled out discipline like the Overlods in Elcott. Spooky!

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    victor maceo

    glad I tuned in, funny flashback, Hey, saw a news story that Costas may be on his way out in Sportscasting, I remember a show where I think you may have made the point that he had been trying to be Vin Scully his whole life, Not a big sports fan, everything I know is from your insights, Like that hook and ladder Don Strack pass, and someone having an orgasm.

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    With a BSP nothing’s real. Everything’s far away. Everything’s an encore of an encore of an encore.

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