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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

As Phil recovers from his encounter with an end table, one more encore show this week. From 2016, Phil talks about giving Poncho the cat insulin injections with the advice of hearing impaired talk show host and former nurse Debbie Daley, who also insults General Shaw but is so incomprehensible he can’t quite understand her and it drives him ape. Plus, Jack Armstrong on Colin Kaepernick and the NFL pre-season.

The BSP Classic Hour is from May 2000. Rudy Canosa believes the reason the Pope is not feeling well is because he has not had sex in over 60 years.

Episode 973 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Classic RUDY!!!

  • Avatar
    Karolynn Decker

    I think that guy from the Appretice won the election? You’re thinking of BILL Clinton, a president from the 90s.

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph

    With a Backstage Pass, you can enjoy not seeing Phil do his show. Yes, Phil has joined an elite group of celebrities famous for vanishing into thin air with out a trace, like Harry Houdini, Jimmy Hoffa and President Hillary Clinton.

    • Mumblix Grumph
      Mumblix Grumph

      Karolynn…Bill Clinton has NEVER vanished. He won’t go away. Now, I heard a LOT about Madam President, Hillary Clinton and all the historic stuff she was going to do. Then POOF! Gone.

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