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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Phil describes the events of Saturday night/Sunday morning when he was dispatched by ambulance to get his head sewed up. Oh yeah.

The BSP Classic Show is from September 2002. Vernon Dozier it seems is cheating on his wife, and he says it’s only because he’s trying to get this girl to stop stripping. His wife is upset. We also find that Vernon sleeps with his wife’s mother and sister. Also, Margaret Grey wants Christopher Reeve to be the first to walk again so that he can scare all the Arabs.

Episode 974 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    jason bell

    Get well, Phil. Protect that dome. It’s a funny factory and we all rely on what comes off that assembly line. Maybe get a man crib or some kind of enclosed chamber. Perhaps have someone ratchet strap you to the bed.

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    Hang tight, Phil. I recently had a fall down episode, in public no less, where I cracked my head and nose pretty good. That treatment from the EMTs can be a little embarrassing.

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    Wishin you a quick and full recovery, Phil. We missed you.

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    I know it will sound corny but I for one am very glad you weren’t hurt worse, and wish you a speedy recovery because you are an important part of many of our lives. The laughter has kept us sane. John

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    Dang Phil that’s some crazy stuff
    Get well man!

  • Marlena Berry
    Marlena Berry

    I am glad you are on the mend!

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    Someone was tired of Phil’s white guilt, and belted him in his face.

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    Phil when did you and Maria get back together?

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Phil helped Maria through her hip replacements, and he will be taking residence in her (where they lived when they were married) house in West Lake because it’s an easier drive to his voice appointments than from the El Pacifico. The El Pacifico is getting plastic over the couches at this moment. [Read: he hasn’t sold El Pacifico, it’s only being locked up for now.]

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    Andrew Wiley

    Boston would be a good place to visit.

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    Feel better soon, Phil!

    FYI, an NP or Nurse Practitioner is an RN with advanced training. An NP will have a master’s or doctorate degree on top of their base nursing degree. They are supervised by an MD. There are different NP specialties, and many people actually have an NP as their primary care provider.

    I know this because I’m the proud husband of a badass emergency department nurse!

    • Bungholio

      Is it an NP or PA that can prescribe medications? Or neither?

      • Nick Zatkovich
        Nick Zatkovich

        I believe both can.

      • Avatar

        Both can, here in California. Rules may differ in other states.

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