Retired firefighter Herman Whittaker agrees with the decision to remove Jerry Lewis from the MDA telethon. “It was Jerry Lewis that caused me to thirst for comedy featuring people with their knees knocking together.” Mavis Leonard called in and agreed with Hermans suggestion they hire a black host. “I vote for Johnny Depp,” she said.

Vernon Dozier and Father James McQuarters called the show to talk about the upcoming high school football season. Coach Dozier talked about mental toughness and Father McQuarters discussed praying for a player on the opposing team to suffer paralysis. By the end of the segment Father McQuarters was begging Coach Dozier for a drink.

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    Phils shit is still golden and shines in the garlic scented wind.

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    Holy shit, I have no recollection of writing that second message. I need to stop drinking.

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    Show is funnier than ever (since Jason's departure).
    Phil, you're god.

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    !!LOL!! Ms Leonard makes me crack up!

    omg if you dont get Phil, why are you paying??

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    Sittle, should I like the show? Was it "phunny"?
    I simply can't feel "comphortable" "lauphing" until I get your piece of shit review letting me know if it's truly humorous.

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    Green Lantern, why do you give a fuck what Phil's politics are?

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    Jayzaz Gawd, Phil! Must you make it so difficult to hate you even with your despicable political views. Really great show! BTW, love the new Organizing for America DDR!

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    Unfortunately-The show recap is often the best part of the show!

    Sittle-miss your reviews they helped me decide if it’s a Phresh night or a Classic Night!

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    [email protected]

    This is the only podcast on the web that has me laughing before I listen to it. The descriptions alone crack me up. Thanks!

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    On the seventh day God squatted to take a dump and this show came out.

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