Bob Green from Frazier Foods says he isn’t selling corn this year during Labior Day weekend in honor of the sacrifices of Native Americans. Turns out he’s just paying back a Native American lending agency for a loan by not competing with an American Indian co-op opening up….

Later it was Professor Jeff Dowdder of Cal Tech telling Phil that a man who cut off all of his toes in order he later claimed to escape a trailer that had landed on his foot is most likely making the whole thing up. Older people do that, says Jeff.

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    By the way, I knew a guy who cut off all 10 fingers. He went to the doctor and the doctor said "well where are they…we can sew them back on you know"?? The guy said he didn't bring them…the doctor asked why? The guy said because he couldn't pick them up !!! 🙂

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    Two out of 4 ain't bad.

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    Here's how lucky I am: I once lived in the Miami radio market where you could hear Phil Hendrie, Neil Rogers, Randi Rhodes and Larry King… all on the SAME day. Yeah, baby, yeah. Doesn't get much better than that… except it was in Miami and all. Happy B-day, Phil. Respectfully, Houseboat Rob, Key Largo. Out.

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