Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hour 1:

Don Parsley is the guest during the first hour. He recently got the results back of his wife’s biopsy, and she does not have breast cancer. Despite the good news, Don admits that he thought his wife was a dead woman, so he went out and got himself an insurance policy; he started having an affair with a younger woman with full, healthy breasts. Now Don’s wife is going to live, but he still wants the other girl to come live at their house. Don doesn’t understand why callers are criticizing him. After all, Kobe Bryant did the same thing and he got away with it.

Hour 2:

Herb Sewell has a documentary coming out about Father’s Day – calling it one of the more painful American holidays. Herb contends that fathers are not seen in the same light as mothers, and the film focuses on some fathers that have been abandoned by their children. In his case, Herb has not spoken to his own children in seven years. Turns out that, during a heated argument, Herb kicked his wife out of the car while it was moving 90mph down the Grapevine, in front of his kids! He claims it was an out of body experience. Herb thinks he should be let back into his kids’ lives since it was a onetime incident, and demands he be permitted to go to his daughter’s wedding. To further prove the act wasn’t that bad, Herb then throws himself out of a moving vehicle.

Hour 3:

Chris Norton is on the program to discuss the news of Debra LaFave sleeping with a student. Chris’ expertise on the issue is due to him being a young and very good-looking guy who has had sex with many women. Chris feels that LaFave should not be arrested because she is attractive and it will traumatize the young boy into thinking he made a bad choice in women. Conversely, if she were typical teacher, described as middle-aged and overweight, she should be convicted.

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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