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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hour 1:

Paul McNamara joins the Phil Hendrie Show in the first hour, promoting his campaign for Congress. He is running on a platform to stick up for property owners and property managers. A property owner by trade, Paul has come up with an innovative way to allow his tenants to pay the rent, which is too low in his opinion, and not make him feel as though he is, as he says, “taking a chainsaw to the face.” He has his tenants perform odd jobs for him, such as dry cleaning, cooking his meals, and scraping the barnacles off of his boat. Callers are livid, since the majority of McNamara’s tenants are elderly. Lloyd Bonifide calls in to argue that many of these senior citizens are on fixed incomes, and are already reduced to eating cat food. Phil plays a flashback of Don Parsley, who as always can’t get his story straight. His wife is dead, but she’s going to ask for a loan. One of his girls has leukemia, or is it his effeminate son.

Hour 2:

David G. Hall is talking about his fiancée, and complaining because Phil and the other employees are not complementing David on her beauty. Phil tells David that Gretchen is an attractive woman, but David doesn’t buy Phil’s praise because he is not comparing her to Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, or any of the other famous, beautiful celebrities. Another Don Parsley flashback – Don’s wife has breast cancer, so he went out and found another woman who still has her breasts.

Hour 3:

Vernon Dozier, teacher and football coach at Belmar Academy, is in hot water with the Parent Teacher Association. Vernon has had an ongoing email relationship with a 15-year-old student at his school, but he says there has been neither sexual contact nor anything inappropriate in his conduct. Furthermore, he has coached 231 games, won countless football titles, and has the athletic center named in his honor, so he’s a bigger deal than some suburban soccer mom.

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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