Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Tuesday, December 31, 2002  -Show Log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Phil comes on to close out the year 2002 with some of the top news stories and guest appearances from the Phil Hendrie Show. Guests include Margaret reflecting on Andrea Yates, Harvey Wireman talking about the Robert Blake case and Bud wants to file a story with the AP. Steve Bosell compares himself to Daniel Pearl.

Hour 2:
Bobbie Dooley discusses Elizabeth Smart, Dave Oliva thinks we should pray to Allah that terrorists don’t attack us on July 4th. David G. Hall comes on to bark at Phil for not including him in the bits so far. Bobbie comes back to talk about the David Westerfield trial and how it ruined her vacation.

Hour 3:
Father McQuarters on to discuss the sex in the St. Patrick’s cathedral radio bit from Opie & Anthony. Bobbie returns to tell how she disciplines her kids, Jay Santos tells how he’s sanding paint from vehicles at his flair drop to check if you’re the DC Sniper…Lloyd joins on to tell Jay he’s going to have sex with his scull. Vernon Doser comes on to talk about how Bush’s “Da-Da” is influencing the U.S. going into Iraq. R.C Collins comes on to talk about how Trent Lott has nothing more to do except kill himself.

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    Master’s Program – something you do at night LOL!

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    I’ll buy THAT for a dollar !

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    Margaret talking about how a fetus is not a human being, it’s like a canned ham. I’m at work trying to sew, but I’m laughing so hard it’s difficult. Thanks for the best laugh of my day so far!

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