Monday, December 30, 2002-Show Log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Margaret Gray is on to talk about Dr. Laura’s mother and having death with dignity. Her book is “Decomposed with Dignity.” Flashback with Bobbie Dooley as she protested “A Christmas Carol” is anti-Semitic.

Hour 2:
Ted Bell comes on to talk about New Year’s Eve at “Ted’s of Beverly Hills” and how you will be guaranteed safe there. He got to know the Arabs and Iranians in the area so come over and have a “Ted.”

Hour 3:
Vernon Dozier comes on the program to say in 1980 he invented “Africa Week.” to give black people something not to complain about. Jeff Dowder joins the program to talk about cloning and how if Phil has a clone he’d grow up to be a radio host with the name Phil8592 Hendrie7373.

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