Chris Norton started the show saying that he accidentally spread the Anna Kornikova virus because he thinks that she’s stalking him.

The second hour was kicked off by Collen Kristen Brewster. She discussed the “V-Day package for him” which all women will love. It starts off with a limo to Marshalls with a $25 gift card. Then on to an XFL game followed by TGI Fridays. All for the low, low price of $1,295.

Ted Bell closed the second hour by telling Phil that he had recently filed for divorce with his wife. The kicker? He sent her notification via e-mail. He was too busy to do it in person. Well, actually, he had his secretary do it for him. But she CC’d Ted on it.

The third hour featured a rant by Phil on the Academy Award nominations, the XFL, V-Day flowers, and fat & lazy products.

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    I love hearing Colleen Kristen Brewster say the phrase “… where the limo is waiting to whisk you and him away to Marshalls, WITH the $25 gift card, remember, for a night you won’t soon forget!”

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