Rudy Canoza started the second hour with the classic bit, “The Kissing Dr.” He holds seminars with couples and teaches the guys to kiss by making out with their women.

Bobbie Dooley closed the second hour to talk about her vegan family. Bobbie’s kids are very popular and asked to “sleepovers” a lot. Bobbie has a checklist of tough demands that families have to meet if her kids are to “make an appearance.”

The third hour was started by Pastor Renneck. He came on the show to complain that his congregation was tithing 10% off their net income and not the gross income. If they want to get into Heaven, then they better pony up!

Phil closed the show with a rant about people who die hiding big secrets (i.e. Charles Kuralt, J. Edgar Hoover, Rock Hudson, etc.)

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    i’ve started with the very first show available and the Rudy Canoza Kissing Doctor is the all time favorite (so far). i completely lost it. i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard. absolutely wonderful; classic.

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    Drew Boulton

    They come in here, they taking the word of god for free!
    The bible says one tenth of everything he gave me!
    We’re checking pay stubs at the door

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