Hour 1:

Steve Bosell is upset because he gave his wife a Valentines Day card with a black couple on it and she didn’t laugh. Now he’s worried that his son Steve Jr. might be moving in on her.

Hour 2:

Grocery store owner Bob Greene recently made large posters of his face with the words “Don’t Even Think About It” and placed them throughout the employee areas of the store as an incentive. Several employees complained that the eyes of the poster appear to follow them around.

Hour 3:

Phil plugs the audio on his website and reads some e-mail. Phil talks about journalist Don Bolles and Saddam Hussein’s hunger strike. Phil ate a 6 pound Valentines heart that his step-daughter Katherine gave to him. The PHS Show presents: American Beauty… Phil remembers a time when he ate at Jack In the Box. Phil talks about getting a hybrid, reads some e-mail, and plugs “Teachers.”

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    Nathan Ross

    What makes the poster bit so hilarious is that Bob Green somehow defended one of the most absurd premises on the PHS with perfection.

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