Classic Hour

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

David G. Hall’s plan to do a show with a plot, dramatic twists, and a cool ending winds up sucking so bad that Hall has to call it off.

The BSP Classic Show is from September 2004. Viola and Hal Levalier are again headed to Laughlin, NV, in their plane. Bobbie Dooley wants schools to check students to see if they are wearing thong underwear. And Lonely Hearts Radio.

Episode 1073 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I’m with you Mark, I just delete the pre-shows and chats then get to the good stuff.

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    dbaileyinga 30062

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    How do we e mail the staff? I can’t find any email option on this site

  • Barry

    Blah blah blah 2018, blah blah Trump bashing, blah repeat. Go find another show then.

  • Kenneth

    Dr. Jim Sadler has to treat Ms Gracie, an overweight client like a “farm animal”, so he’s says to her, “Head it up, MOVE ’em out!” …F*CKING Priceless!

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    Mark Aaron

    Stopped listening for 2 months. Surprise surprise more trump bashing. We get it for love of Christ. Your side good, other side bad.

    Maybe you and Kimmel ruin comedy together

  • Tensai

    Phil, bring back Hal and Viola to the panel show!

    Those two were always the best whenever they just randomly popped up.

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    Yes, it is 2018. And another repeat.

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    Joshua Caudle

    it’s 2018 guys

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