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  • David

    Enter your zip code as a comment to get on the map.

  • laedkeef01

    Tonawanda, NY 14150!

  • dwain murdoch

    Dwain Murdoch. Kimball, Nebraska 69145.

  • scottyharp78

    Asheville, NC 28806 here! Listening since ’96/’97.

  • Jonathan Richter
    Jonathan Richter

    Nashville, TN 37203 Since 1996 KFI!

  • cantrelljh

    I’m in Santa Barbara!

  • dienhart

    Tustin CA 92782!

  • Brad

    Please add my ass to the map! Cottonwood Heights, Utah, 84121. I will send Baker an email.

  • David Robinson

    please add me to the map…Honolulu

  • mloscherffg

    Re discovered Phil yesterday and forgot how much I enjoyed the show. I am now a BSP member. Maury from Orlando 32803…..

  • jefferymason

    Huge fan since 2001…finally made a wise decision a got the BSP. You make every onerous day almost pass as bearable. Thanks for laughs! Representing Salt Lake City, UT, 84103.

  • dallinnelson87

    Just bought my backstage pass — long overdue since the late 90s as a kid in the backseat to my brother driving, cracking up to the show in Upland, CA.

  • SquareofPrimes

    Howdy, Aurora, CO here and a fan of Phil since about ’01! Would like to prod into the Friday Night chats as well. Originally form MT.

  • Matthew

    Matt W from Twinsburg, OH 44087 reading the Principles of Abundance in the 21st Century

  • Joseph

    Fan of 15 years listening from Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Huppmoile

    Please add me to the BSP map – Swanton, Ohio 43558

  • David Robinson

    Please add me to the map. Honolulu, HI 96814

  • Chuck

    Chuck – Yankton, SD 57078

  • Dave

    Put me on the map. Dave Doty Westminster Colorado

  • William

    Please add me: Billy from Royal Oaks, CA 95076

  • Mike Angileri
    Mike Angileri

    Put me on the map! Mike Angileri South Beloit, IL 61080

    thanks for the great job!


    Put me on the Map. I have been there since you first had the idea of the backstage pass. forgot what year it was.
    Ken Herman jr Milwauie OR


    Ken H. Listening since 98. Milwaukie OR.

  • Raven

    Raven Joyner Jr Seattle,WA

  • Don Best
    Don Best

    Greetings! Don in Glide, Oregon.

  • Greg Smith

    Eldogreg user name here. Post me please as Eldogreg. El Dorado, AR 71730

  • Michael Callair
    Michael Callair

    Michael Callair checking in from Graham North Carolina 27253. Callair1 user name. Been enjoying the Phil Hendrie hijinx since 2009 and I love every episode every show. Has gotten me and my officers on night shift through many long nights.

  • Edward

    Ed K in Wake Forest, NC… 27587

  • Gary Harper

    I like the map thing.. not quite as good as the wall of flesh.. but it’s a nice addition. Toss my name on…

  • King Kapp
    King Kapp

    Map looks great! You the man Baker!

  • Matthew

    Matt here! checking in from a surprisingly chilly Clearwater, FL.

  • ALEX

    Hi Phil
    I’m AlexQ from Running Springs CA 93382

  • Ryan

    Checking in from South Pasadena, CA. 91030

  • kellyda49

    I’m in Broomfield, Colorado. zip 80020. thanks. david


    EUGENE, OR, needs some love! Phil radio listener beginning 1999 till he went to internet. BSP listener ever since.

  • Gary

    What , no NYC ?!? Brooklyn Here ! 11215

  • Richard

    Tooele Utah, Raoul.Duke.Gonzo…. or Richard Martinez. I believe for going on 3 years BSP Pin it baby!

  • Rodney

    Durham, NC reporting in.

  • Barbara

    Please. Add BPS map. LaFayette, TN. Barbara Perkins

  • Vic

    Daily listener from Austin, Texas!! Hook’em.

  • Jimmy Todd
    Jimmy Todd

    Sorry, forgot to put where I am.. Jimmy Todd in Santa Barbara a Phil fan since the KFI days

  • Andrea

    Add me, I’m in Newton MA

  • Susan

    Love the map! Have to get myself added. Thanks Baker!

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson

    Many year bsp holder, where’s the love for Indianapolis?

  • Paul Dintino

    Great Job Baker! I’m awful lonely in New Jersey, come on folks!

  • Stu Pidasoe
    Stu Pidasoe

    Hope this is helpful. I discovered that [email protected] is handling this. Just fired off email.

  • Jimmy Todd
    Jimmy Todd

    I too want to represent on the map!

  • Stu Pidasoe
    Stu Pidasoe

    Would also be interested in participating. Located in Statesville, North Carolina.

  • Paul

    How do you get on the map?

  • William

    Thanks baker!

  • Jeffrey

    Great job baker! Buckeye AZ representing!

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