Hour 1:

(Phil’s last show from the KFI studio) Phil asks his listeners, “just how well do you know the music from adult films?” After Phil complains that KABX is tape delaying his show, David G. Hall joins the airwaves to explain to Phil that he isn’t even on the

Hour 2:

David helps Phil do some quality control with his material (continued) Phil asks his listeners to call in to play a new game which he calls “Is It Porn or Not?” Phil welcomes Carvin Knowles, producer of the compilation “Sex-o-rama.”

Hour 3:

“Secret Nacho Recipe” Bobbie Dooley is hosting her annual “Superbowl Gala” where there will be a chili cookoff and nacho competition. Bobbie suspects that her neighbor Janice has stolen her nacho recipe.

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    Drew Boulton

    10/10 bobbi
    I feel myself getting faint, when i heard it I almost blacked out, I feel hot and cold swets

  • provopauly

    I think that Jackie Martling was on the same label. It was pronounced o-LEE-o records. I remember stern doing the live reads waaaay back when.

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