Back in the batters box tonight Phil was joined by Rudy Canoza who’s lingerie store features a fog horn alert every time a “thick woman” comes through the door. Rudy opined that Casey Anthony was “a pig and a cow, not suitable for anything other than tethering in a corral.” Rudy would never greet Casey Anthony with his patented “la-la-la” tongue wagging greeting that he reserves for all the class ladies. A half hour of that and they pulled the plug on Phil. Oh well, back at it Wednesday night…..

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  • paddyandpeanut

    dammit, was this the night where Phil exclaimed XIANG BING in the pre-show? John and I kept saying that to each other the whole time we were in Massachusetts, lol.

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    Gave you crap for letting vacation put you on the DL. That's only 'cause I'm seriously addicted. Good to hear you back. The new team "gets you" – excluding Rantzo, of course – and that is very good news.

    Laura Ingram has her 37,000th new book out. I won't read that one either. But yours will go straight to the top shelf…when and if.


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    What is up with the I-tunes downloads? This show isn't on I-Tunes. this is getting old.

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    Damn, I was in the car on my way to see the Melvins w/ Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle), and was just dyin' with Rudy's foghorn every friggin' time it was going off!!! Hilarious!

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    Phils voice is getting better. Surprisingly Rudy sounds pretty good. A little deeper than usual, but good. The phone bed is actually audible tonight…

    The foghorn is getting my laughs tonight…. Very reminiscent of pre newstalk era material… Sounds like Phil has been revisiting his successful material, I think this might be the first useful usage of this effect since 2006.

    Rudy's jokes (aka: "thick cut stuff") are very good… this sounds like a pre 2006 bit. . There was a light tie in to Casey Anthony, but it was a swing and a miss… in terms of duping callers and presenting material as the PHS does. Good jokes, no real material, but good jokes.. Worth a listen.

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