Hour One:

Commercial airline pilot Art Griego believes the FAA and the airlines are unfairly trying to run a lot of good pilots out of the business, simply because they may be suffering from Parkinson’s, schizophrenia or loss of bladder control

Hour Two:

Jamaican Radio with Patricia Lumumba and Wally Weathercocks reporting on the weather….Phil talks about the bail bonds ads on Power 106….Blind High Diving……Phil talks about his original inspirations, the televangelists…….Phil raps about the new UFO religion….

Hour Three:

Mavis Leonard is an old woman who was “phone-scammed” by some guys who said she could buy “a time share on an island owned by Johnny Depp.” Mavis is now reduced to “eating cat food” and she proceeds to open about 900 cans of Sheba to “protest Johnny Depp.”

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