Curt Queedy and Guy Barton of the West Virginia State Senate talked about the debt ceiling, what a “koo-kooback” was (a kickback is crazy so the boys call it a ‘koo-kooback’), a “goo-gooback” (a kickback is also childish hence ‘goo-gooback’) how a woman named “Mrs Fonebone” went into the ringtone business and started “Mrs. Fonebone’s Ringtones” and why a deputy sheriff who is the son of Charlestons chief of police belongs in a nut house.

Later it was Bob Green, live from “Buena Park Billiards” weighing in on the Netflix price hike. Bob told Phil that while the price was raised the Netflix customer will pay it and stay loyal because “that’s what they were told to do, just like I tell my customers: ‘You see this baby food. You’ll buy it and you’ll eat it….even if it’s made out of baby because I told you to.'”

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    Hey, Phil… your Curt Queedy and Guy Barton characters are great. I don't know if they're new or what, I've been listening for years and haven't heard them until recently… but I hope you have as much fun doing them as we do listening.

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    I agree with chippedigrew that the time the show runs east of the west coast doesn't open the door to a lot of callers. I'll have to respectfully disagree with our Canadian friend from the north, sittle about the importance of callers. Might be her female perspective that calls matter. Phil and the character can carry it without the callers. I enjoy it even more when Phil does two characters at once. Just a matter of personal preference. Remember Rule of Life #2, "We are all different, and we all think we are right."

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    Well Chip, I don't know what to tell you… Cobbler Gobbler and the variations of "cobbler" are funny… but I have to strongly disagree that 5 minutes of "cobbler" based humour and 40 minutes of Kurt and Guy floundering are "great comedy".

    The first 20 minutes of hour one were duller than hell and the only people that could've possibly found it entertaining either had just undergone torture or were recently lobotomized… I could smell that bit as it downloaded, that's how bad it stunk.

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    I've been thinking about it (probably more than I should) and I've come to the conclusion that the future of radio is not the call-in talk format, it's going retro–straight to the old days of radio dramas and comedies. That's what Phil is slowly and painfully morphing into, thanks to the late time slot and no calls. I think he could be on the brink of something wonderful or something disastrous. Just look at how well he improvising off mistakes…like the opening when he stumbled over the words "bad blood" and turned it into something half-way plausible. If Phil and Jason play their cards right, spend more time in imagination land, and take the god damned time to prepare for the show, they just might breathe some new life into this stale ol' cracker…and find comedy gold once again.

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    Loved Bob Green in this episode!

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    If Phil would actually spend some time in show prep, the show might not blow as bad.

    What other "Talk Show Host" spends 15 minutes planning his "not so funny" show, other than Phil Hendrie.

    Thank God for the archives…

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    no stittle, that premise has already been blown out of the water by the saturday show. no calls friday, tons of calls saturday (KFI), same show. its the stations he is on and the day part (time of day he is playing). If you dont recognize great comedy, i dont know what to tell you. other than you are really missing out! cobbler gobbler? omg i peed my pants. i KNOW guys like that!!!

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    Four big gay thumbs up to everything you said ulysses. I enjoy watching the pre-show prep, but I'm thinking, "Phil, what have you been doing with yourself all day?" Same with Jason. I'm sure they both have busy lives, but man, this IS your life as far as your listeners are concerned.

    The pre-show rant against people posting his stuff online is old. Had it not been for that one podcast he alludes to now and again, no one would know Phil was alive and on the air. What's truly shameful is how the website administrator takes the stuff OTHER PEOPLE have recorded years ago and shared with other fans, copyrights it, and slaps it on this pay site–knowing full well the quality of these fan recordings vary TREMENDOUSLY. Did Phil & Co. not record ANY of his KFI stuff pre-October 1999??????

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    I haven't listened for about 3 days. Phil's voice still sounds pretty bad.

    They aren't getting calls because of the air time. It's too damn late for calls.

    I think Phil is great but its so obvious these guys show up and have nothing ready for the show. They are just figuring it out 10 minutes before airtime. I'm always baffled by this.

    The Bob Greene bit was good.

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    I guess I'm an amateur then because Guy and Bart had me falling out of my chair

    great show as always,

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    Joey, I have to disagree… This show was an audio abortion from the gate. It's not getting calls because it lacks believability, material and the ability to offend the public sense of freedom and morals.

    Curt and Guys' setup offer up a lot of room to grow in terms of shits'n'giggles…. Their opening is brutally dull. They sound okay (in light of the lingering laryngitis), but there are no laffs in the phirst 15.

    The Gobble "jokes" and linguistics come out after the 21 minute mark… Curt and Guy discuss whatever Phil is showing them on the screen, pole cats, potty breaks, Ghostbusters …. snore… The "jokes" are amusing but forced and strictly amateur.

    This bit needs to be taken out, shot and rolled into a shallow grave… pathetic content, lazy presentation and cruelly unphunny…. not a caller, nary a laff, 45 minutes of pure philler.

    Bob's setup isn't bad, it's actually setting up a decent premise, he's not really making a compelling case for the callers to call in. He's not stealing money from anyone, he's not violating anyone, he's lacking some of his underhanded snakelike charm. Not a lot of jokes on the opening.

    A mildly interesting scenario involving baby food develops and threatens to produce laughter, luckily it's averted. A swing and a miss on the "wig" recap… that's a classic piece of material, sodomized live on air.

    Terrible. In the span of less than 5 minutes Bob goes from playing pool, to teaching stockboys how to tap dance in the aisles as they stock shelves and back to the pool hall.

    Jesus Christ, time for retirement… The past 2 weeks have been just dreadful in terms of quality… Laryngitis aside the material and content of the shows is just shameful… I wouldn't tell a soul I listen to this crap.

    I got the impression Phil spent more time phucking with the green screen backdrops instead of developing an actual show.

    This was terrible from start to finish.. This is why PHS does not receive a Marconi award….

    Open a window for the blowsometer window * sniff sniff * – Fresh dog shit, with a side of cancerous leper bits served in an indian restaurant bathroom stall.

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    Great show. Especially the Curt Queedy and Guy Barton hour. The interview just kept spiraling out of control and the topic of the debt ceiling was quickly forgotten.

    I'm surprised that I'm not missing the usual amount of calls… the show's funny, so I guess that's the most important thing!

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