A good night to see Phil have a meltdown on the videocast as he was screaming and yelling about phone calls, the big baby. Our first guest was none other than Bobbie Dooley talking about the death of Jack Tatum and what a great football player he was. “When Jack Tatum stepped on the field and he was at his best you knew someone was getting rolled home in an iron lung after the game.” Bobbie also said that knowing a lot about football while being an attractive woman means you have to call other woman on how stupid they sound talking football and trying to keep up with her.

Next up, Dean Wheeler joined the show to tell Phil that if as great a fim maker as Oliver Stone believes Hitler may have been scapegoated over the Jews and that Hugo Chavez is an amazing guy, it would be foolish of us not to at least listen to what he has to say. Oliver Stone is the greatest film maker of his generation and if he says that the Jews didn’t have it near as bad as the Russians in WW2 then we at least should stop what we’re doing, have a seat and see what the man has to say. Bud and Robert read him the riot act at the end of the hour. Next hour, Bud did his “Bud Dickman Nightly Report.”

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  • blouseclowns

    Phil Hendrie is THE MASTER of radio satire. Don’t ever forget it.
    Jack Spratt? How about Darren Brown from Pierre SD?
    Oh, wait….I hear him, but only during commercials.

  • Avatar

    Never mind…I’m watching a delay 🙂

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    Phil, the guy who missed the tackle on Franco Harris was Jimmy Warren.

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    Hey Phil. I thought this was a really great show! Seriously. I listened to it when driving the other night. I loved entire Oliver Stone bit. The end part was great when it went full over the top. It can be really great when there are no callers because you don’t have to worry about it being something people will actually believe. The Bud interaction stuff was great!

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    I love it when i’m watching the Phil Hendrie Show Videocast and the Mel Gibson Show breaks out…. wonderful fun… lovin the passion.

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    Whenever you get a caller through who agrees with the guest, heads will roll.

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    I erased the phil flashback, and am goin to pay the damn 7 bucks. But weely you a great girly man. tanks

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    Does Jason Rantz sound like a combination of RC Collins and Justin Mcelroy?

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    Agreed. Jack Sprat: "Ahhh Goddamnit I missed the post!" haha a dying breed those cheezy Top 40 Jocks…

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    I always enjoy when Phil does a bit on mocking top 40 radio. And my Dad loves Ray Coniff, he has since the 60s. It’s been a family joke for years.

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