Don Parsley, the bullshit artist extraordinaire, visited our show this evening. His was a tale of woe, losing his commercial fishing business to Obama’s mishandling of the BP Oil Disaster. His son got “smeared,” while his daughter got sick “from the smell.” So he packed his starving family up and brought them to California in the hopes that his story would interest “Harpo Productions,” meaning Oprah. Phil offers Don a job painting his house but Don turns him down “because if Harpo calls I have to be able to reach my phone.” When asked by a caller why Don doesn’t have his wife answer the phone, Don says it’s because his wife “would mess up a Chinese wet dream.” David G. Hall also pays a visit to bust on Phil for letting the cat out of the bag….that syndicators pay radio stations to air their programs. Phil, Bud and Robert also spar over who is a movie star: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Hanks or Will Smith…

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    Just his biggest fan/supporter gymrat

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    What, qymrat, Phil’s now one of those freaky serial killers?!!!

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    Hey Phil:

    I will paint your house for unlimited food and booze at Ted’s of Beverly Hills Steak House…can you make it happen?

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    When you let the long winded callers go on and on….un huh…GOD…are the windows closed? IT IS HILARIOUS

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    who are you sewing now Phil????

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    Hey Phil You are awesome!! First heard you in 1993 thank you thank you for letting me laugh again. I was so serious about life and you made me mellow out.I bought cds from you after I lost you could not get you anymore. I finally found you on the internet and paid to get you all the time I pray for you and your family to prosper and be in health.

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    IMHO the Tom Hanks version of The Ladykillers was WAY better than the original.

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    If the canuck was truly his fan he would respect phils wishes and take the shit down. i personally can’t stand listening to the canadians rebroadcast of old episodes, the way he talks like a douche at the start and end and plays that useless fairy music ruins it.

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    Chuck’s description of Ireland is a hoot…

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