Tonight, Harvey Weirman, retired attorney, came on to give us some expertise on the Mel Gibson, custody-dispute, domestic-violence story. While Gibson is heard on a tape recording admitting to striking girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva while she was holding their 8 month old daughter, Weirman argued to Phil and his listeners that “hate speech” directed at Gibson from Grigorieva could have provoked him. When a woman tells a man that he is a “thumbd**k” or “is working a cocktail frank” it’s hate speech. Says Harvey: “She calls him thumb you-know-what, left hand, boom, she goes down and he’s calling me.” Later Bobbie Dooley tried to get people jealous over the fact she has a Facebook page with over 4300 friends and she only “friends” people with at least a thousand friends already but no one cared. She blamed Phil and said Phil “laid an egg out there tonight.” Phil blamed Bobbie.

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  • brgadmsantos

    You know what would be even better? Dr Jim Sadler defending his client for a carnival ride in fruitdale…

  • Avatar

    Hey Phil,

    Not sure if you’ve thought about it but it would be nice if you brought back Harvey and his Senior Chat every now and then. My favorite from the old days was the ‘How far have you dragged someone under your car’ episode. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.


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