Attorney Darren Brown joined Phil for a discussion of the lawsuit against Google whereby a woman got hit by a car after using the Google Maps direction feature. Is it frivolous? Hardly, according to Darren. Google is a big company. They can afford it. The thing that is unjust to Darren is that the lawyer representing the plaintiff in the Google case got there first while Darren and the rest of the lawyers of the world have to wait in line for their big shot. He was gonna sue BP and then along came the oil leak and  that trumped his chicken-crap credit card class-action.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police announced tonight that he and his subcommanders will be outside theaters throughout Southern California on June 11 when “The A Team” comes out. They’ll be asking people in line questions and looking over their apparel to make sure none of them are “hyper-patriotic” and are likely to come out of the theater “and want to go and buy a van and blow things up.”

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    Jay Santos was gonna grab that girl’s butt? Who does he think he is, Ted Bell?

    Oh, and I was flippin’ around on the XM the other day and they got this channel called "OutQ" gay lesbo radio or something like that. They were talking about Hot Pockets but that was a whole different thing.

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    The Jay Santos bit was CLASSIC and I loved the discussion of the show’s state with David G Hall – I totally agree, no Hot Pocket shows – just the comedy please! Thanks Phil.

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    Thanks, Pauly and Alex. I see it there now. 🙂

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    Yeah, sorry about that guys, but hour three of the show was corrupted today so we had to have the audio guys re-upload it. Everything should be working fine now!

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    Sometimes they don’t roll this all out at once…try a little later, it might, nay, probably will be there.

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    No Hour Three today?

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