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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

One of the funniest shows of the netcast era, Don Berman is getting ready to go to Singapore for the big summit. Bobbie and Steve Dooley are getting ready for the summer-tacular where Steve will sing “One Headlight,” Bobbie and Steve’s special song.

The BSP Classic Hour is from March 2006. Dave Oliva wants to advise people that garage sales are crap. He thinks there’s a mass hypnosis that occurs when people see a garage sale sign.

Episode 1438 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I am a little late to jump in here as I’m a few days behind and just heard about the site going to all streaming. Count me out! I download several shows to listen while at work and hiking and while in all sorts of places I can’t stream and I enjoy keeping my favorite shows. I can also usually be behind the show a few days. Please do not go to streaming only because that will be the day I stop paying.

  • Bruce Willard
    Bruce Willard

    Oh absolutely keep downloads. As a many, many year subscriber this is the the only way I listen, on an Mp3 player while at work. I would have to bail if streaming became the only option, as bummed as I would be

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    Please keep the downloads, I don’t think you fully realize how many of us utilize our subscription.

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    jason bell

    Eliminating downloads is a great idea if you have never PAID A FUCKING PHONE BILL.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Cell phone signals may be super strong in the greater LA area. But that stream isn’t going to hold everywhere. I work in a building that you have to stand next to a window to use your cell phone. Jeeeeezuuussss chrise

  • apathy2673

    Came here to listen to Dave Oliva, seeing some nonsense about no downloads. Downloads are a rather fundamental part of The BSP and being a BSPer. THINK THINGS THROUGH, man.
    No downloads…drop down, 4th ring, cook.

  • Darren Richards
    Darren Richards

    +1 … please keep downloads available !

  • gangle

    You stop the way it is now, and I’m done. I won’t be alone.

  • Avatar

    Count me as pro dowmloads. While I normally stream at home, I can’t count on getting a reliable wifi network away from home, or one strong enough to allow even mp3 streaming. Of the few digital media services I have subscriptions to, MLB At Bat is the only one I can’t download anything from.

  • Don Best
    Don Best

    I’m forced to have a weak connection – so I totally rely on the downloads.
    If Phil eliminates them I’ll have to relocate.

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    Paul Dintino

    I set up my downloaded files and listen to it daily this way in Itunes or another player (on the phone). This is not going to work for me, please reconsider.

    • gangle

      Similarly, Paul, I download the files and put them on a USB, The USB is then inserted into a special media player which
      plays it on up to 3 different TVs simultaneously. I don’t, and never will regularly sit at a computer screen to watch Phil Hendrie.

  • Avatar

    Yeah, having the option to download is a huge plus because let’s face it, we’re not all on wifi all the time, and video hogs data like nothing else. Even with services like Apple music, you can still temporarily download music into your phone so you don’t destroy your data plan every time you listen to a playlist etc.

    So yeah, I don’t know that streaming exclusively is ideal for a video-based subscription.

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    mark sullivan

    Rita Fuchs totally agree. Listening to a comedian giggle at his own jokes is very hard to listen to. Ruins the entire podcast. Four gay thumbs down.

    • Avatar
      mark sullivan

      I should add that I think Phil is a comic genius and that’s why I listen to his podcasts. I have a stressful job and I need the laughs.

  • Michael

    Agreed that this episode is one of the best, Phil. For reasons unbeknownst to me, lazy-talk is too GD funny. I’m listening again.

  • Tensai

    Don’t get rid of downloads, no way no way no way. Sorry, but I can’t just stream it. I listen to podcasts in the car and I don’t have a viable streaming option or reception. Not to mention keeping my own archive in case something happens to this site. That will be a deal breaker leading me to cancel my BSP.

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    Rita Fuchs

    Listening to Phil, listening to himself and laughing out load at himself is too much like “canned laughter” use on TV shows. Sorry but I like it when I decide to laugh instead of being prompted to laugh by someone.

  • Avatar

    Yeah I give this idea 6 gay thumbs down. I love the download option: take it anywhere without relying on being connected. I can’t stream on a construction site.

  • Billy

    It would be more fruitful for you, if you charged $2.00 per download. You could buy one of those $2 mil Bugatti’s if you upped the price of a BSP to $20.00 a month. Plus! If you took May to August off and played only Kenny Slag repeats, there’d be more time for golf, nude sunbathing and paddling cyclops.

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    Joshua Caudle

    100% agree with the group. I almost never stream because i cant sit in on place for that long with work and transit to and from. And even when home the Wi-Fi doesnt reach certain areas. Plus most cellular carriers offer *Unlimited* data but it isnt. If you use too much they slow the speed down to where streaming wont stream. Please dont end downloads.

  • Avatar

    Agree with Rory. Please let us know when so we can prepare. I love having the download option. For example, I am going to Alaska in early July. We will be far from cell or internet service for days. The downloads allow me to listen while I am out there. Nothing like some Art Bell parody when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 😁

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    The problem with getting rid of downloads is that streaming uses a lot more data and is 100% reliant on having a good connection. If I download the files, I can listen to them whenever and I don’t even need to be online. I understand, however, that providing downloads may be a resource issue. Just let us know when this is going into effect so we can prepare.

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