RC Collins started the show to ask if Phil saw the story about the kid who stole the skull. David G. Hall then called in and said that you should treat every caller like a customer.

Phil then went on a rant about how carhorns don’t work. And then he took a bunch of character calls on various subjects. Lloyd and Jeff talked about army berets and navy outfits being gay. He then continued to rant about the kids making porn music sounds.

Bobbie Dooley kicked off the second hour to discuss lethal injection. She thinks that it’s a cruel way to kill Tim McVeigh. Knowing when you’re going to die is cruel. They should just cave his head in with a paper weight when he doesn’t know it’s coming.

Phil closed the second hour with a boxing match between Tim McVeigh and God.

Vernon Dozier started the third hour talking about the Houston floods. Vernon was a fireman, so water is his ally. As a fireman, he’s reluctant to do anything contrary to what the water wants to do.

Phil then wrapped up the show with a rant about numbnuts on parade, and the flood when he lived in New Orleans.


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