Pastor Rennick started the show tonight to say that Tim McVeigh is in heaven because he saw a priest before he was executed. You can cornhole Little Bo Peep and all of her sheep, but if you come to Jesus you’ll be playing pool in heaven with Hitler.

Phil then went on a rant about doing religious topics on the radio, and the AFI Thriller list.

The second hour started with a Jim Rome spoof. Phil then went into a rant about the NBA Finals game 4, Philly vs. LA.

Marv Albert and Doug Collins came on to discuss Game 4 of the finals.

Phil then continued his rant about the AFI Thrillers, and he puts some phony scenes into the descriptions.

Jay Santos kicked off the final hour by saying that vanity plates are a road safety issue. If he can’t figure out your plate and slams into a pregnant woman’s car then it’s the vanity plate’s fault.


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