Hour 1:

“Family Portrait” Bobbie Dooley joins the program to talk about the Family Portraits they’ll be taking at their gazebo in Western Estates this upcoming week. She is excluding her brother-in-law from the portrait because he’s a Vietnam veteran… she’s pu

Hour 2:

Phil welcomes Professor Robert Leonard from Coolidge University who believes that the NBA kidnapped Julius Irving’s son to boost their ratings. The Phil Hendrie show presents… “Worst Shark Attacks.”

Hour 3:

Travel agent Colleen Cristin Brewster joins the program to comment on the women who had their clothing ripped off in Central Park. Colleen explains that New York men are really aggressive and were just trying to be friendly.

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  • Anthony

    The first hour, I laughed so much my stomach hurts.

  • nick massanti

    Hour 1 with Bobbie is a must listen.

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