Hour 1:

Margaret Gray joins the program to comment on “America’s Funniest Movies.” Margaret believes the list shows that America is finally coming to terms with its obsession for cross dressing and gender swapping.

Hour 2:

Aspiring police officer Dave Oliva joins the program to talk about the recent “gang gropings” in Central Park. Dave believes the LAPD would never put up with what the NYPD put up with this weekend.

Hour 3:

The Phil Hendre Show presents “All Queers Must Die” starring Dr.Howard Teal. Phil reads from the book of Leviticus and explains why professional athletes shouldn’t talk to the press.

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  • Avatar

    Hey Phil/staff what is that blues song at the end of the show? that kicks ass! artist/song title?

    • John

      Dude that is the Allman Brothers Band,
      You don’t Love me (soul serenade).
      Man, you waitied a bit for someone to answer that! n

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