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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

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Chris Norton kicked off the show tonight o tell guys that they need to play hard to get with women. They've gotta stop trying to hard. Chris puked on the table during a date, busted ass while making out, and called phone sex hotlines with her phone and she loved him for it!

Phil then went on a rant about Fear Factor. Bud said that he fears putting his nose up Rush Limbaugh's butt crack. Harvey came on to say that he saw Phil's N.Y. Times article and now he's peeing blood. And then Phil ranted about sponsors on the show vs freedom of speech.

Dr. Alvin Kooper wrapped up the second hour with "Mental Health on Parade". Eric Clapton had a baby and will probably write another ballad.

Bobbie came on in the third hour to say that condom ads are bad because condoms are gross. Bobbie teaches the "pull out" method of birth control. She forbids her sons from using condoms.


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