Steve Bosell in a return engagement with the heavy breathing Erica Dorton. Steve tells Phil he was told by his daughters school to take some gay porn home and watch it in order that he lose his “bigotry” against gay marriage. By the end of the hour Dorton had called in, breathing into the phone and Bobbie Dooley’s husband Steve started talling like Liberace.

David Castorini of the Castorini Youth Ministries talked with Phil about the possibility that the bones of John the Baptist have been found. John the Baptist, says Dave, was important but that was then, this is now and he wants some credit for leading souls to God. And that was something else. Castorini got “stomped” by members of the “Scum Of The Earth” motorcycle club because the daughter of one of the members was used by Castorini as sexual bait for converts.

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    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!

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    once again, as I was just about to dump the BSP and Phil grand slams
    and brings some game back to the show..
    Last few shows Bell, Rennick< Bosell …V
    ernon ROCKED…

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