We were joined tonight by former special ops soldier Jerry Shadbolt who gave us his views on how Iran might be attacked to remove its nuclear capability. Later we were joined by Shoele Heller, a writer for INTER magazine, talking about how balled up the Republicans are in this presidential campaign.

With Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, Harvey Weirman, RC Collins & Dr. Ron Tarner…

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    Phil, I fucking destroyed you in an email addressing your arguments supporting the Iraq war. Your pathetic response was that i'm more concerned with winning an argument than being right.
    It doesn't take a genius to posit that one can't win an argument without being right.
    Your position continues to be based on emotion and not facts and logic.
    Please debate me on your webcast.

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    Phil is on point as usual about liberals.

    I wish RC was in uniform in NYC at the occupy wall street park. "Yes Mr Hendrie we terminated their lily white protest with extreme prejudice, sir".

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    Honestly, the German guy sounds very Latino.

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    Yo Philip, with you on the WMD or not makes not fuck one to me either. Freedom and helping those that were voiceless now may have a voice, but we can't do everything for them.We can only open the door. At least that was the promise, not a believer now after Bilderburg, not after people gonna be locked up in Australia for voicing desent to carbon taxes, not when the global elitests go to Africa and preach that staying in their dung-huts is doing great things for the evironment. Global bankers are coming to kill us all, they will not stop , greed is the only game in town.''New World Order" was not just a phrase coined by Bush, Money is at the top and they want it all. Why are you losing affiliates? Because of this huge push for "digital info only". Why? Digital info can be controlled, stopped, oh yeah, Internet, TV, Cell phones,Kindles, on and on Guess I was and AM ranting now .Mancow here in Chicago has had his show "scrambled'' when he has spoken to Alex Jones, and Jessie Ventura. Later Philip.

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    The Jerry Shadbolt sketch in Hour 1 was the high point of the night, though in all honesty it seemed to me that the premise kind of didn't go anywhere and Phil was working the same angle over and over through the hour. I liked the new character though.

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    i .love
    how steve bozells voice goes highpitched and feminine when he gets stressed,,you are truely amazing,,,,

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