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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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In the first hour, Bobbie and Steve Dooley tried to explain that while Jonothan Metz is a brave man for attempting to amputate his own arm after getting it caught in a furnance, you can hardly expect his beautiful fiance Melissa to stay with him. After all, says Bobbie, it's like what a fourth-grader said to her over at the elementary's "bait and switch.." You marry a guy with two arms only to find out he has, if he lost the right arm, that's the one you wipe with. Does that mean she's going to have to do that for him too?

Later, it's Lloyd Bonafide. He saw his grandson playing "Call to Duty." Lloyd thinks the boy needs to know that combat involves pain, not just sitting on a carpet and taking a break for " some of that stuff in a box he eats." So Lloyd bent the kids fingers back and crept up behind him with a simulate what a man sounds like when he's run over by a tank...Lloyd also walked up to kids at Wal-Mart playing "Ghost Recon" and pinched them "so they don't start thinking they're George Patton."


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