Professor Don Micksa was on to explain that Tony Heyward of BP taking in a yacht race is much worse than Obama playing golf, all while the oil from BP’s well continues to leak into the Gulf. Obama playing golf sends the message to black people that its safe to play golf now and you can even have a white caddie. Heyward on the other hand is going yachting and he hasn’t even done up his fly after raping the Gulf…..Later on Margaret Grey talked with us about the animal magnetism of Joran Van Der Sloot while she sang the song “Psycho Killer”

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    The horrible audio hum is back on the videocast and it started on Tuesday. Whatever work went on between Monday night’s show and Tuesday introduced it again. it sounds like an ungrounded or half plugged in 1/4" plug. It sounds really bad.

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    Yeah, same problem as Rob. The 3rd hour is the older Ginger Kids show.

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    Never mind, I watch the videocast ending. I hope all is well. Phil you are the man.

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    I am having issues with Hour 3. It is coming up as an older bit.Unless I missed something. It is the Ginger day bit with Steve Bosell.

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    Forget it …it works now:)

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    Anyone else having a problem downloading hour 1? I’m getting an error.

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