The show started with a fishing show called “On The Water” or “Out In The Wild Blue” (the guys couldn’t remember) hosted by Bill Hassinger and Kip Pernell.

Phil and Margaret argued about what belongs in the Filth File when it came up that the fishing show may be a regular part of the Phil Hendrie Show so that people can “feel the spray in their faces.” Margaret felt “spray in their faces” was an immediate entrant. Phil disagreed.

The crew again told Phil that his physical mannerisms while speaking on the air imitated a muscular or neurological disorder and could be disturbing to PhilTV viewers.

Frank Grey was eating breakfast at Mrs Olsen’s and talking to Phil about a new soap opera he’s producing called “The Dull and the Dry” about a post-menopausal community of seniors.

Phil and the crew discussed some housekeeping issues with the General taking up space in the refrigerator for his cottage cheese.

Episode 148 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    I come back to this one at least once a month. First 15 minutes is tits!!

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    Absolutely hilarious!

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    patterson johnson

    Phil this is beautiful…..give me a movie!!!!!

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      Or at least a 12 minute bit on Adult Swim!

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