Coach Vernon Dozier recapped the World Cup before melting down and screaming “fuck” and hanging up. Phil announced he will again be down to 210 pounds by performance date, July 30 as the panel discussed General Shaw’s consuming donuts over the weekend.

Dr. Ron Tarner discussed his reaction to the news that a gay congressman married his long-time partner. It was negative, but the actual reaction was demonstrated by his son Josh who called in and did an impression of it. “Eeeeeewwwwww ooowy!”

Bud talked about his neighbor Cliff Munern and his dumb mother.

Frank Grey was being hassled by girl scouts in a mall while talking with Phil.

Episode 147 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    DYING watching the Margaret warm up with Bud and Robert (crack in the air)!

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    Matt Hankins

    I just did a search on Marilyn Hickey, and I regret every second of it. Thanks General for the nightmares!

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    Andrew Wiley

    Yeah, Ricky, you can get all the comedy you need on Fox News.

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    Ricky Graber

    Is their no comedic commentary offered
    to the current events of the IRS grilling?

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