Classic Hour

Don Berman thinks the story of a regular guy named Ronald McDonald being shot (non-life threatening) in front of a Sonic is real funny… till he tries explaining it to Dickman. Mavis Leonard, on her way to Wendy’s, talks about Chipotle making a comeback. And Deane Wheeler has changed the name of “Go With It” to “I Like It Like That” with new lyrics. It still sucks.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 20 2001, Art Bell announces that aliens are draining California’s electricity and they want to have sex with Art to repopulate the world.

Episode 673 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Don Berman says” don’t tell me to calm down!” I love when the panel gives Don a hard time.

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    Richard Cisneroz

    Who da

  • Michael

    I just wanted to see if my Avatar should up… if so I will be around to pick you bitches up latter.

    • Michael

      *that should of been showed up BTW and it did sooo ahh yeah.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    No, I have a black girl friend!

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    Larry Speers

    Phil the reason that Alex might be saying dont upgrade to win10 is that some or alot of your studio software may not be compatible…it the shit works man DO NOT mess with it…I advise the same as Alex

  • apathy2673

    Phil, keep ’em coming. I’ll take my Brexit sandwich with milk, oh yeah

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    victor maceo

    comedian Paul Mooney, is hilarious, says everything is race, painful to listen to sort of, but funny as can be

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    Phil, you’ve been hitting on all cylinders (both of them! …just screwing around) since your absence!
    Lumberton NC, or Lumbee Town, is known for their large population of members of the Lumber Indian tribe. I have worked with Lumbee sheet rockers in Wilmington NC and brother, keep an eye on work and your property. Not painting all of them, but when cats are walking around, 6 foot 2, 130 pounds with tear drop tattoos looking like they’re strolling the yard for the fresh fish, even the Mexicans will jump out the way! And if you can understand their words… it’s English, some really deep south, middle of nowhere English. And I’ve lived in southeastern NC my whole life, there are a lot of people I can’t understand around here. Hell I’m probably one of them!

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    Andrew Wiley

    It’s pronounced Chih-pote-lay. Just FYI.

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      victor maceo

      rumor has it that the Ecoli, outbreak was planted on Chip-tow-le, to counter their non-GMO stance, and it worked, the Millenials dropped them like real quick,

    • TwiceRemoved77

      NO. I will forever pronounce it Chi-POLT-ee

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