Classic Hour

Phil talks to Bob Green of Frazier Foods, who’s golfing with Frank Grey, about his making amends with the gay community after he drunkenly sang “Happy Trails” at a gay pride parade. Also Stephen Bosell, Father James McQuarters, and Jeff Dowdder…

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 26 2002, Bob Green is a CEO who says that even though he’s letting 1000 employees go after cooking the books, no one is sympathetic to his suicide threats.

Episode 674 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Father McQuarters!

  • kiserSolzi

    Sooo damn funny!! Phil, I luv your humor brotha…
    You are just the best; also I love the song Bob Greene makes when he hits the golf ball…the visual is just hysterical..

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson

    Love the opening song big time

  • Avatar

    Margaret: Bruce Jenner changed his name, put on makeup and dresses as a woman. He/She will take a man in his mouth, rear, or whatever other hole he/she has made by a surgeon. But that’s not GAY? OK, and Bill Clinton did not have sex with that girl who was giving him a knob job!

  • Avatar

    I guess it’s not radical Islam in Turkey it’s probably the Christians right Phil get your fucking head out of the liberals ass and call it what it is like the Trumpster Yeah baby get some

    • Erikk

      Hell yeah! Folks had better flush out their respective headgear and realize what’s happening.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson



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