Tonight Bobbie and Steve Dooley from the Western Estates Homeowners Association explain their protocol in handing out the iodine tablets in case of radiation. First they get theirs and then everyone else can scarmble for the pills left behind after the Dooleys descend into their bunker. Steve Bosell came on crying about the lawsuit he’s filing against his daughters school because he wasn’t allowed to finish his Japanese jokes during a Parents nights.

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    I enjoyed the show too…but Phil's constant bitching about the Producing/Engineering is definitely taxing my ass…;))…I assume a big part of it is that they are working remotely from each other…??? If that is indeed the fact…it explains a lot. I doubt Phil would have the dick factor up to 11 if those guys were in the same room with him…and the technical glitches/phone mix/mic break cues/sound bed production issues would all be solved if they all occupied the same workspace… just a thought.

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    Shittle doesn't need a producer, he needs a life outside Phil's show.

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    Sittle's intro was too abrupt, jumping right into criticism of the first bit without any setup. The complaints about "thin material" were predictable. Can't this guy get a writer?

    Luckily, his spacing was better this time around, breaking up his lengthy material into smaller paragraphs, but it did end up spanning even more space on the comment section than usual.

    Unfortunately, like every night, Sittle fell into the usual schtick of overly-analytical backseat-radio-producer, describing the characters as if he invented them and knows all about them. It brings to mind the voice of Comic Book Guy,with the nasal, arrogant flair of a person with a lot of lonely time on his hands.

    Spoiler alert: 11 paragraphs to get to a succinct statement about the show. This guy needs a producer!

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    Great show as always, Phil! All the humor, al the great show lines, and I really appreciate it.

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    oh…and the Bosell breathing/moaning soundage was freaking classic!!!

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    I enjoyed the show.

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    sittle is a gimp.

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    bob411 your a…..wait for it….wait for it

    An ASS

    Your the kind of guy who Phil talks about who removes the rights of others because you think you know best…

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    Bobbies setup was mildly amusing, a couple of chuckles here and there… This bit should really just play out with the previous Anthrax hoarding episode done in the pre newstalk era.

    The bit escalated after the 15 minute mark, decent enough material and some good laughs. Bobbie talks about her stash of iodine pills, putting dissenting people to the back of the line for said pills. Solid.

    It was nice to hear "Are you for real?" again, I can't remember the last time Bobbie let loose with that gem!

    Great scenario involving the south gate… I really would've liked to hear the whole thing fleshed out.

    The material was a little thin, and the "patriocity" of the show was a little thick, but Bobbie played up her Dooliness just enough to squeeze a couple of chuckles out of this one.

    The rule of Dooly.. The command of Dooly… Ha ha!! The last caller was terribly dull, but Bobbie handled him very well… Phil really salvaged that call.This segment, imo, is a good listen, Phil showed once again that even with subpar material, he can still knock a show out of the park through the character.

    This Steve bit is starting out slow and got a little bit better… The setup consisted of a lot of talk without saying a whole lot. Steve doesn't sound like Steve, imo.

    They circled around a number of issues and scenario's without really fully describing anything, which is a shame, one of Steve's strengths as a character is the scenarios…. how quickly they escalate form mild to wild and how quickly he takes offense.

    24 minutes to get a caller…Spoiler Alert: Steves jokes were simply Gilbert Godfrey's jokes… brutal…

    The heavy breathing by Steve was really funny…. and it was nice to hear Dolores get a mention in tonights show… but there wasn't much to this one.

    On the Dannger scale 3 gay thumbs up for the Dooly's, and 3 gay thumbs down for Bossell…

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    O yea seittle sucks!!

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    Very funny! good show Phil!

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    hilarious show 🙂

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    As a member since the beginning I must say the new studio is the best great job and keep up the good work.

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