Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was pulling people over while experimenting with a new red light in the “Paddy Wagon.” One woman led him right to the police. Dr. Ron Tarner uses the disaster in Japan as an excuse for brainwashing middle-schoolers.

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  • Maxwell

    The Tarner on Reagan stuff cracked me up. His stuff during Fukushima is funny, insightful, and sensitive especially looking back. The tsunami sucked, but at least people stopped caring about Sheen for a few days.

  • Jaymz01


    OK you got me again, whatever. I for one rarely if ever make negative comments about Phil, and then it’s usually joking around, and believe it or not I like Phil, otherwise I wouldn't have a BSP or have listened to Phil since the late 90’s. In fact, I recently complimented Phil for having great camera angles for the Live Videocast and he read my e-mail on-air about 2 weeks ago.
    I understand that you and about 5 others don't like sittle even though sittle's reviews aren't all negative.
    In any case, I think you're taking sittle's comments too personally, this fight has been going on for months now and its going nowhere.
    I doubt if your comments and criticism(s) are going to stop sittle from commenting and I doubt if Phil really cares about sittles comments or that's it's hurting his business, in fact it adds more interest and controversy if anything and that's a good thing. And like some people have suggested how do we know that sittle isn't really Phil cranking us?
    "Uncensored" means that sittle has the right to post anything he wants just as you have the right to post anything you want. Those are the conditions that Phil has set here in the comments section, i.e. "Uncensored". The question here seems to be who can intimidate sittle to the point of him stopping writing reviews or who can out-think sittle with a more clever series of insults? In that case, I think you guys are wasting your time.
    Keep in mind that the comment section is nothing more than our opinions and we are not going to agree with each other 100%.
    You have the right to insult me, disagree with me, whatever, it really doesn't matter because I don't take your comments personally and I respect your right to disagree with me, sittle, whoever.
    If Phil dislikes sittle so much he is free to make comments of his own here on his site or completely ban sittle. So far that hasn't happened and I doubt if Phil is petty enough to do something like that anyway.

  • Jaymz01


    What kind of a gay comment is that? Are you the guy that Vernon used electro-shock to punish for not identifying items on the conveyor belt? (Re; plane Go Boom) what does being gay have to do with anything or is that just another attempt at being insulting when you have nothing else? If you think this is a gay show that's your own dellusion.

  • bob411

    Yea: I'm done with this sittle , if we need to carry on to let the gays take over the comments! I guess if this is a gay show, then I'm going to terminate my subscription to the show.BY EVERY BUDDY!! bob411

  • bob411

    Mrs Sittle: Amusing set up on the ass comment on bob411, nothing hilarious. Lacks originally, pathetic attempt to be cute. You need new writers and new material! If you have a better scenario to give to the show, and PHILL really cares about what you think, Or do you think you are PHILL? They have meds for that! Or just get your'e thumb out of your'e mouth, and where ever the other one is inserted! Your'e the ass!!! DHA WINNING!!

  • bonchbonch

    12 paragraphs of crazy from Sittle. Are you unemployed or something?

  • speelbot

    The issue is not whether he can, of course he can. The issue is whether he "should." The consensus here is "no." Why is that? The rest of us here like Phil as a person and as a professional. We also realize that this site is part of his business. I guess what we're saying is – go shit in your own backyard. I know that no matter how many times we say it, no matter how many ways we say it, you will not understand. Again, you are oblivious to your own idiocy. You will prove this by replying again on how it is your right to post your negative reviews.

  • Jaymz01


    Don't let anyone tell you not to post here in the comments section and don't be intimidated by the haters. Please continue posting reviews, that's what the comments section is for. Remember that this is the uncensored PHS BSP.

  • bob411

    speelbot: Well said! Lets see if Mrs shittle can top that!! I'm sure she can, if her tongue isn't busy licking the wounds she inflicted on her self..

  • speelbot

    sittle, why is it that your retorts always include a defense of your right to post and your intellectualism, then you end with homophobic humor and mentions of feces?

  • PepperKorn

    Hey look. It's a FREE archive of one of the beest talk show hosts ever: Tom Leykis!

  • haroldrhansen

    Could it be that Phil is actually writing the sittle reviews and baiting us, as he does the callers?

  • ChapelPerilous

    sittle…yeah…you got it exactly…we all secretly want to BE you…and, if not, at least we all want you to BONE us…

    What a jackball!…

    We are using the comment section to comment on what a bore and a blow hard…as in YOU LIKE TO BLOW H-A-R-D….you are.

    Stop asking for it daily…and we might stop ripping.

    I enjoy every show…and I only have issues with the audio quality of the broadcasts.

    Your reviews are a lame attempt to show how clever you think you are…that's all. Every night Phil is on is a treasure…because some day he won't be. if you like his passed shows so much more than the new ones…go live in them…get lost in them…whatever.

    not knowing the character that is coming each hour…what they said…how it compares to past shows…or tradition…what YOU think about it…or how YOU want to "read the text" of the show…or critique Phil's performance….all make the experience better for me….so as long as you want to post your comments…i'm gonna post mine….

    You wanna turn that into Me having a "crush" on you…just shows how GAY you actually are.

  • jadealexis

    No hate on Sittle, he just shows how much more great Phil Hendrie's genius really is once again I repeat even a person who isn't a fan will still give their money its hot really and over time Phil just takes that negativity to his bank :).and there is nothing more sweet than someones negativity towards you turning out to be a positive in your life.

  • ChapelPerilous

    sittle is a wanker

  • bonchbonch


    It's ironic that you complain when people pick apart each of your reviews, which happen to span 10+ paragraphs and are posted immediately as each show is uploaded to the archive.

  • pantseatflyer

    Great analysis sittle. I'd add that the show would also improve if Jason would STFU during breaks. His incessant kiss ass laughing and yes-man conversation drives me to mute the damn thing until I think they're back from break. That guy is strictly amateur hour.

  • sittle

    Speely… The comment section is for offering opinions and commentary on the show… That's why it's here.

    What I'm commenting about is the intensity of the people that hate me and my comments are the same people that obsessively enjoy to talk about me and my comments… passive crush?

    …. if you don't want to read any members comments on the show, then don't… it's really that simple…

    It's off putting that this concept is so obscure to a few that it bears repeating every so often…

  • plunderpants

    Methinks thou art…a hiney. Haven't seen/heard the show. Just felt like posting that.

    I am, however, currently in a production of Macbeth! Tonight's performance was unique: On an IRISH holiday, we did a SCOTTISH play, written by an ENGLISHMAN!!! Hmmm…the Welsh continue to be a non-factor.

    Ok, I'm gonna download the show now.

  • speelbot

    Sittle can't understand why we trash his reviews…then proceeds to trash Phil's show.

  • sittle

    Bob… "Hear"… We will hear more from Sittle.. Herrrp Deerrp…

    There seems to be more comments about me, instead of the show. It speaks volumes that it's the same 5 or 6 people who "hate the reviews and wish for me to go away" but they feel the need to respond to my every… single… post…

    … methinks some people protesteth too much…

  • BrettunsVillage

    Add me to the list of listeners who doesn't understand why sittle thinks any of us give a rat's patoot about his critiques. I listen to the show because I find it entertaining. I pay for my BSP for the same reason. sittle, if you listen just to get upset or disappointed, I think you may want to take up fishing or golf, something that will put a smile on your face. My opinion? Great show, as always.

  • bob411

    jadealexis: well said, good point. I'm sure we will here more from the moron sittle! PHIL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill-reg521

    Oh, and one more thing: YOU'RE A DOUCHE.

  • bill-reg709

    I have never once said that every show is comedy gold. Hell, I don't even listen to the new show except for maybe once or twice a week, I"m just on here to download classic shows for my ipod so I have something to listen to at work every day. But when I see some self important moron that thinks he's smarter than he really is obsessing over Phil's show and then thinking everyone else wants to hear about it, something inside of me wants to make fun of him. By the way, "Bonnie Fluffingham"? That's pretty good, but you have to admit, it isn't as good as SHITTLE. Nice try, though. You do know that Bill Fleffingham comes from one of the classic bits, right? What the hell is a shittle?

  • jadealexis

    My thoughts exactly, I was just sitting here with friends reading over this and thinking is this guy employed by Phil Hendrie? other wise why even take the time to dissect Mr. Hendrie's performances in that much detail but hey we all need a hobby I guess. also most of what I have seen Sittle post are not the feelings of others who view the performances that I know watch/listen to Phil Hendrie. if I could make money off of someone who had mostly negative comments on my work then please keep hating 🙂 It fascinates me how person like that will give up any form of money even if its just 6 dollars a month on something they never have anything really positive to say about that isn't necessary to spend money on.

  • sittle

    Jade, you're obviously another one of those people that have read one or two of my reviews, some of bob411 bons mots and you decide to put a label on me…

    Not every review is negative… they are honest, there are shows I like…

    I am a phan of the show, but not every show is comedy gold as bonch or Bonnie Fluffingham will have you think. I'm not some sycophant phanboy waiting for phil to drop another turd in the toilet so we can fight over who gets the big slice…

    Bonch, I'm never complainedthat you pick apart my reviews, I'm just noting how interesting it is that you (and you ilk) hate my reviews, but you obsessively comment about them… Some sort of gay online crush you've developed…. You can call me the Bonemaster! HA HA!

  • benaboo

    Jason needs to learn how to say NU-CLEE-ER instead of NU-KYOO-LER. But I'm gathering he's a George Bush fan, so…

  • BudSmoker

    I hope Phil will relax a little bit more, now that his pleas to get his audio fixed are now being worked on. Thanks to the enginers who are really working to fix the problem that came on at the end of the show.

    Keep up the great work Phil, you are amazing.


  • sittle

    Amusing setup for Jay, nothing hillarious, but entertaining…. Phil did most of the talking on the setup, Jay simply answered the questions.

    Would've been great if there was some actual story or scenario with the "Cindy Bliss" incident (or the rest of the bit), Jay only mentioned that he pulled her over after running the light and she called him some sexually demeaning names. He listed the names, but the situation was never really discussed. Apperently the situation involved damaging the CAP paddy wagon and Ms. Bliss' car… instead Phil told us that Jay called her a skank… HILLARIOUS, comedy gold *sarcasm*!

    This really shows a lack of material and planning, shame, great concept for Jay and one that has been done many times in the pre-newstalk era with many laughs.

    Phil is just going through the motions on this bit… pathetic, even when a caller asked if Jay had any self defence techniques, Phil & Jay forgot about the 3 step takedown, dancing away from bullets… all the things that make Jay Santos & the CAP hillarious.

    Jay did have a couple of cuties in this bit, but the lack of prepared material forced the bit to rely upon the callers for comedy… and they kept asking the same questions "Who said you can pull people over and violate their rights" and "Is it legal for you to pull people over"… It gets tiresome to hear Jay fielding calls instead of harassing callers, explaining weird techniques or explaining outlandish situations that they've found themselves in.

    Dr. Tarner and Phil opened the bit with a thrillingly dull discussion of the "No Nukes" movement, the Regan era and the pros and cons of Nuclear Power. After the 10 minute mark Dr. Tarner finally got to the caller bait of the segment.

    Dr. Tarner spanked a child in front of his classmates when the child challenged his views on Nuclear Power… Now that is funny, compelling and a great piece of bait for the callers. … Phil seemed to have a hard time getting callers on this bit, 23 minutes of setup, with 2 jokes in it?… Philler.

    The bit didn't get any funnier from there, a couple more spanking jokes, but again.

    no material+ relying on callers for the laughs = lousy show… Decent callers, but far too much conversation and not nearly enough phunny.

    David Gs 4 minute appearence at the end of H3 was good… better than all of H1.

    Can we get rid of the fucking Green Screen, invest is some phone beds, a sound technician and a writer…. I'd gladly pay for for my BSP for a better quality show…

    Overall on the Dannger scale 5 gay thumbs down and 2 gay thumbs up.

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